By the late 1800´s the main migration wave of German colonists arrived to the south of Chile. They settled in a radiant virgin area, where they introduced their customs and life style; they brought and introduced malt and beer in Chile, as well as barley cultivation. We began producing malt in 1896 with the Maltería de Talagante (Talagante Malting Plant), under the company founded by two Germans, the Llorens Brothers, who accompanied and encouraged the development of beer in Chile. Afterwards, in 1916 the Chadwick family bought the malting plant, which later changed its name to Malterías Unidas S.A due to what was a period of consolidation and investment in other malting plats in Chile.

Today Maltexco S.A., former Malterías Unidas S.A., is the main producer of malts and special malts in Chile.


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Through the years we have built a solid competitive position that has allowed us to be leaders in malt supplying for all the pacific coast of Latin America, settling the base for increasing our specialization and variety of malts. During the 90´s we began elaborating special malts rustically, attending the incipient development of specialty beers in Chile. The year 2006 sets a landmark by the investment in German-technology toasters to produce malts of greater value and sophistication, aiming to give our clients versatility, flavor and color. In 2008 we installed another toaster which consolidated our success with new malts. The brand PatagoniaMalt is introduced in 2010 searching to highlight southern Chile´s origin, varietal purity, terroir and unique character, all conditions that allow the cultivation of varieties of two-row barley under unique quality conditions that produce exceptional beer barley. La marca PatagoniaMalt se introduce elimage description Today we work and investigate around 30 to 40 different barley varieties, searching to find out which ones work better in our soil and reach perfectly our malting standards as well as our client´s high quality standards for elaborating beer. PatagoniaMalt has been supporting and supplying micro brewers since its origin, helping and backing up the products of the small – but in growth – microbrew industry. Our focus is set on quality, on providing the suitable ingredients to achieve a good flavor and color in beer.


  • 1896

    The company is founded

  • 1916

    It is acquired by its current owners: the Chadwick Family

  • 1960

    Name changes to Malterías Unidas S.A

  • 1986

    The company acquires the Maltería de Temuco (ex Aconcagua) (Temuco Malting Plant)

  • 2006

    The company invests in a Malt Extract Plant and also in a new toasting line for the production special Malts, incorporating three new products

  • 2007

    The company invests in a second toasting line

  • 2011

    - The “Copa Cervezas de América” contest is created, the most important beer contest in Latin America for large, médium and small brewers. This event then replicates the following year, becoming a milestone in the category.

    - Our product portfolio is increased from 4 to 8 caramel malts, and from 3 to 5 kinds of toasted malt.

    - Maltexco purchases the company Agro Inversiones from Backus Peru, belonging to the SabMiller group.

  • 2012

    - Development and launch of Extra Pale Malt and Black Pearl.

    - Second contest “Copa Cervezas de América”, becoming a milestone for the Latin American brewing industry.

  • 2013

    - 3 new caramel malts are incorporated

    - Launch of beer extracts

    - 2013 Malterías Unidas formally changes its registered name to Maltexco S.A.